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Competition Sites & Program

Multiple sites are available for redevelopment within two communities: Hilltop, a historic neighborhood located a few miles west of downtown Columbus, and Whitehall, a city located six miles east of downtown Columbus.

Hilltop neighborhood:
    • Lot size: 35 ft. (w) x 100 ft.(d);
    • R4 Zoning;
    • No minimum parking required, however off-street parking encouraged.

City of Whitehall:
    • Lot size: 50 ft. (w) x 100 ft. (d);
    • R4 Zoning;
    • Off-street parking space required.

Proposals should address the following criteria:
  • The housing solution must contain a minimum of one (1) dwelling unit, with a minimum of 800 square feet of living space, and a maximum height of 35 feet.
  • There are no targeted user groups for this competition, however applicants should identify an intended user group for the proposal and consider scalability and replicability that can accommodate varying user groups and living conditions, such as:
    • Age-in-place
    • ADA accessibility
    • Young Professionals
    • Growing Families
    • Multi-generational Families
  • Entrants are welcome to consider wealth-building opportunities, such as live work or auxiliary dwelling units, in their proposal.
  • Structural and mechanical systems should be designed to accommodate Central Ohio conditions. Competition entrants are encouraged to consider incorporating passive systems that support a sustainable future for Central Ohio.
  • The construction budget for each community should not exceed $170,000, inclusive of labor, materials, site work, MEP systems and permitting costs. The budget does not include:
    • Land acquisition costs: The land for both sites will be provided at no cost by the City or County Landbank
    • Design fees: COCLT will directly contract with the winner to advance the design solution.
  • Design proposals should comply with the Ohio Residential Code and entrants should refer to the City of Columbus and City of Whitehall Zoning Codes for specific development requirements.

About the sites

The Hilltop
City of Columbus

A few miles west of downtown Columbus, the Hilltop is one of the primary historic residential sections of Columbus. The neighborhood grew as streetcars offered an easy route to and from downtown along Broad and Sullivant. More recently, the Hilltop has experienced population loss and disinvestment. Still, the sense of community pride in the Hilltop among longtime residents is strong.

Decades of disinvestment in housing and businesses has left the neighborhood with a reduced economic base, a smaller network of residents, and hundreds of vacant structures and lots. With a strong historic heritage, unique housing stock, intriguing topography, and robust mobility options, the Hilltop is well-positioned to recover as trends turn toward urban reinvestment.

The City of Whitehall
Franklin County

With a population of just over 19,000, Whitehall is an inner-ring suburb located about 6 miles east of downtown Columbus. It’s a growing community, incorporated in 1947, and home to the first shopping center strip in the country: Town and Country.

Whitehall is close to close to the airport and is home to the Defense Supply Center Columbus, a base of the Defense Logistics Agency founded in 1918. Between 2012-2019, over 2,300 jobs were created or committed in the city. In 2019, 41 new businesses opened in Whitehall, as well as a YMCA. The housing stock is fairly diverse, with many single-family homes and multi-family housing options.

Slideshow examples of existing homes

Slideshow examples of existing homes

North Hilltop Details
Average Parcel Size: 4400 sq. ft.
Minimum: 1560 ft.
Maximum: 7280 ft.

Average Parcel depth: 124 ft.
Minimum: 103 ft.
Maximum: 150 ft.

Average parcel frontage: 36 ft.
Minimum: 23 ft.
Maximum: 52 ft.
Whitehall Details
Average Parcel Size: 6462 sq. ft.
Minimum: 4400 ft.
Maximum: 10585 ft.

Average Parcel depth: 118 ft.
Minimum: 100 ft.
Maximum: 151 ft.

Average parcel frontage: 54 ft.
Minimum: 40 ft.
Maximum: 75 ft.

View map of parcels in Hilltop and Whitehall

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