A competition for housing
the next million




To register for the competition, complete the form below by Friday, May 21, 2021. Full submissions are due by Monday, July 26, 2021. See the full competition schedule on the Overview page. There is no registration fee.


    • The competition is open to architects, designers, builders, developers, or teams of design and building professionals (includes students). Teams of design and building professionals are strongly encouraged to participate in the competition. While teams may consist of non-Ohio design professionals, at least one (1) team member must reside in the state of Ohio.
    • Entrants must be prepared to carry professional liability insurance coverage should theirs be a winning entry and proceed through design and construction. Such coverage will be required to be commensurate with the risk and value of construction, as covered by an existing professional practice policy or as a policy purchased specific to the project.
    • Competition entries will be judged anonymously. Submissions must designate a primary contact person for communication purposes only.
    • No Jury member may compete in the Competition, advise or assist a Competitor, or act in any capacity to aid a competitor with their submission. Entrants assisted by any competition partner or jury member will be disqualified.

Submission Requirements

Entrants are required to register for the competition at nexthome2021.org by 5:00pm EDT on Friday, May 21, 2021. The online registration requires entrants to provide:

    • Primary point of contact
    • Description of the project team
    • 300-word Statement of Interest

Competition submissions must be in digital format and sent to nexthome2021@columbusndc.org, no later than 5:00pm EDT, on Monday, July 26, 2021. No hand delivered or mailed submissions will be reviewed.

Submissions must include:

1. A Project Narrative - a 1000 word (max.) design summary addressing project interest, concept, and design vision.

2. (1) PDF presentation slide deck, no more than 30 landscape-oriented tabloid (11in. x17 in.) slides (maximum file size of 25MB). Text should be at least 11-point font for legibility, and contain:

2a. Design Documentation – Entrants must identify which community they are submitting for and provide the following visuals:
    • (1) site plan with key dimensions;
    • All proposed floor plans;
    • Minimum (1) dimensioned building elevations, with floor-to-floor height;
    • Minimum (2) dimensioned building sections with floor-to-floor height;
    • Minimum (1) exterior wall section;
    • Minimum (1) high resolution rendering;
    • Additional diagrams, drawings, sketches, etc. as needed to describe the relationship of the site to the proposed development;
    • A description of the intended construction methods, materials, colors, and proposed finishes.
    • Drawings must include all standard drawing notations. The exact scale used for the presentation slides are at the discretion of the entrant, however, please keep in mind that drawings may be viewed on tablet or laptop screens.

2b. Cost Projection – A list of cost categories required for submission can be found in Appendix A in the competition brief. Please note that COCLT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and as such, sales tax does not need to be included in the cost.

2c. Adaptability Model
    • Diagrams, sketches and/or additional drawings as needed to illustrate how design strategy can be scaled, replicated, and/or modified to adapt to varying site conditions, unit quantities, user groups, and/or wealth building opportunities.
    • Cost model conceptually illustrating economic impacts of these variations (i.e. 1/3 less roofing, 50% reduction in framing, more energy efficient, etc).
    • Adaptability scenario that illustrates how the proposed design solution can accommodate the other community condition and be constructed for a construction budget of $170,000, or less.

Please note that team member names and firm names/logos should not be included in presentation materials for purposes of anonymity in the jury process. Submissions bearing any identifying marks, names, etc. will be disqualified.

3. Publicity Material - for use in print and digital media, publications and exhibitions:
    • A 300-word summary of design idea;
    • (4) high resolution images representative of design, images should be minimum of 200 dpi, .jpeg or .png files and no more than 10MB each;
    • (2) portrait-oriented 24” x 36” boards containing representative images, boards will be printed by competition organizers for public display.

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