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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the neighborhoods have sidewalks? Generally, the Hilltop sites do have sidewalks. Whitehall sites do not.

Do we have access from the rear of the property from an alley? Both site conditions do have rear alley access.

Is the design to include basements or is the intent to have slab on grade? Entrants are welcome to propose a basement, but it is not a requirement to include one.

Is LEED for Homes the only green strategy to follow? If so, are we to design above Silver Certification? Are we required to have an independent green rater? There are no specific LEED accreditations required for the site, but entrants are encouraged to include as many strategies possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the proposed solution.

Is any of the prize money to be included in design fees or is it in addition to the design fees? Awards are separate from design fees. Prizes will be awarded as follows ($5,000 + plus opportunity to advance design for construction), second ($3,000) and third place ($2,000).

Regarding copyright – Will the awarded firm enter into a contract for each site location? Yes, the winner will enter into a contract with the Central Ohio Community Land Trust (COCLT) to further develop and construct the winning solutions.

Are geotechnical reports available for the sites? There are not any reports currently available for sites.

Are Phase I Environmental reports available for each site? There are no Phase 1 Environmental reports currently available for sites.

Are replications to be in the same neighborhood to ensure contextual design? We recognize that in asking for replicable, adaptable, and/or scalable solutions in neighborhoods with differing aesthetic qualities there is no expectation that the design meet a specific architectural style. However, entrants should consider options that fit well in various communities.

Who owns the housing solutions constructed as part of this competition? The selected parcels will be owned in perpetuity by the Central Ohio Community Land Trust (COCLT). The housing structure will be developed by COCLT and sold to a buyer selected through a process controlled and designed by the COCLT, and the structure will remain in the land trust to ensure continued affordability from owner to owner in perpetuity.

What is COCLT's role in the development of the winning proposal? COCLT plans to act as the developer of the project, which means COCLT will provide the construction financing for the project, but is also open to entering into an agreement with a developer. COCLT would like to enter the best arrangement for the construction of the winning designs based on the project team proposing the housing solution.

Does the R-4 zoning for Hilltop and Whitehall have a lot coverage restriction? In an R-4 district in the City of Columbus (Hilltop site), no more than 50% of the lot may be covered by buildings/structures. Additionally, rear yards must be at least 25% of the total lot area. Current residential development standards can be found here.

In an R-4 district in the City of Whitehall, no more than 50% of the lot (up to 7,500 s.f.) may be covered by impervious surfaces (buildings, accessory structures, patios, etc). Additional zoning information for Whitehall can be found here.

The competition also recognizes the potential need for zoning variances to deviate from current codes.

Can a person or company submit more than one entry?
Individuals or companies are welcome to submit more than one entry.

Are there any assumptions of number of bedrooms? As design proposals may accommodate a variety of lifestyles, there are no set assumptions for number of bedrooms. Entrants are asked to identify a targeted user group and the solution should reasonably accommodate the identified user.

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